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Release Your Uniqueness

Enjoy the life of your dreams!

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Uniqueness Course Background

“I've been doing this work for 27+ years, and have helped people with the same kind of problems you have. These resources have helped over 6,000 people worldwide. WhoZou was designed to be a safe place for you to catalyze your journey toward the life of your dreams.”

“Hi, I'm Jay Galligher, the creator of Whozou.org… a new kind of development space for people like you who desire more. Your career is about much more than being compensated so you can pay bills, afford a certain lifestyle, or keep score.

"Career" includes concepts like living out your destiny, enjoying your life's work and fulfilling your purpose. Your uniqueness speaks to all of these issues.

I designed WhoZou (derived from the words “Who Are You?”). Unlike other professional networking sites, WhoZou.org is the precursor to telling the world "this is who I am and what I'm good at."

Purchasing the WhoZou Uniqueness Course provides you with a lifetime account to WhoZou and a foundational course to launch you further into the life of your dreams. The introductory price is $49.95. And there are more courses and resources coming.



Develop crystal-clear understanding, and articulation of, your unique combination of strengths and preferences.

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Assess the degree to which your career and volunteer responsibilities are aligned with what you love to do. Then it helps you set goals that keep you moving to improve that alignment and experience the resultant joy!

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Create strong interpersonal bridges with those you live and work with through understanding and responding well to the stress that personality and other differences generate. This makes for a stronger, more powerful you!



Plan and track your initiatives to grow in knowledge, skills and capacity.


Who Is This Course For?

  • People who are MOTIVATED but don’t know what questions to ask themselves, or struggle with indecision.
  • People who’ve been in the workforce for a bit, but your GUT is telling you you’re in the wrong place.
  • People who feel defeated trying to discover what brings them joy, and just need some uninterrupted “ME TIME” and some guidance.

Our Uniqueness Course is a blending of videos and responses to the content. It forces you to ask yourself questions that you may NEVER have thought to ask. You will exit the course knowing the following:

  • HOW TO balance confidently saying "YES" to what brings you joy with wise timing in saying "NO" to what doesn’t. You get to do what you love without shooting yourself in the foot.
  • HOW TO describe in DETAIL what makes you unique so that you can easily differentiate yourself from others resulting in a CLEARER personal brand.
  • HOW TO pursue the desires of your heart with BOLDNESS so that you will be able to help those who NEED you!

Our introductory price is $49.95. Marketing experts tell us we should easily charge ten times that amount. You'll receive the course and a lifetime account.

Personal Stories


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Micro-adjustments lead to doing what I love and excitement.


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From dominant to visionary leader... a transformation to thrilled!


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From feeling like something was wrong with me to super fulfilled!


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