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Erin's WhoZou Happiness

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From Transformation to Thrilled

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Fran built a highly successful car business, CarSense, that moved 14,000 cars per year. A couple of years ago he sold it to Penske. Prior to launching his business he availed himself of the WhoZou resources. “It was a transformative time in my life… [that] reset my career vision… [I was] not only comfortable, but thrilled in the work that I was doing.”

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My Story

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My story is the primary motivation for launching WhoZou.


The Hidden Gem

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Here's something I just learned afresh today: We don't easily see the best contribution of the person who has a preference for introversion. For example, most people get that I contribute empathy and compassion because that is a big part of what I extravert. However, what they often do not see is the maverick who smashes convention through research and innovation,... most of which takes place in my inner world. How often do we think we understand someone, and totally miss the richest part of what they bring to the table? BTW,... we can help you with that! #whozou #whoyouare #career #careerpain #whoareyou #whoamI #career #direction

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What's my niche?

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All dressed up... and nowhere to go?

Not much content. Just some fun.


Career Pain

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Pain is evidence that something is wrong. Like physical pain, career related emotional pain can be acute or chronic.

Is frustration or boredom in your work a chronic symptom? Are you experiencing acute distress from an interpersonal problem or a performance deficit?

Is it possible that the core of who you are is not aligned with your career?

Want to invest 15 minutes to see if we can help?
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Strategic <I>and</I> Tactical Career Development

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In developing your career, there are strategic goals, and then there is the tactical. While skill can be developed to address both, we naturally gravitate toward one or the other. Typically, we'll be better at one than the other. So... do you gravitate more toward the strategic overall direction, or the tactical... the next concrete, step? Make sure that you that you have both covered well! We can help you with that.
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How to deal with criticism?

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All of us are criticized by others from time to time. Most of us have rightly, or wrongly, criticized ourselves. And many of us get stuck in negative feedback loops that crush the soul. How do you deal with this? Some say it takes five compliments from others to offset one negative criticism. Others say it takes one hundred. Others recommend repetition of positive self-affirmation statements. However, there is something that has more power to nourish your soul and to build you up. It is the starting place for our work for the thousands of people with whom we have worked. Use some means of understanding the core of who you are, and the strengths that arise from that core. And how is that unique and differentiated from others. Articulate and reflect on that nature. Enjoy it!One person said that, “When I read my uniqueness profile it makes me feel good!” No doubt! It is comes from a deeper reality… a more foundational place. Perhaps we can help you do the same?


Interpersonal Bridges

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Workplace politics is part of the reality that most of us navigate. The foundation of one's political landscape is relationship. The more we understand ourselves, others, and the differences that make one another unique, the stronger our interpersonal bridges will be. Everything that we deliver in the way of a contribution is delivered, and received, across an interpersonal bridge. Relationship bears the weight, and channels the influence. Make your bridges as strong as you can. And,... we can help you with that! #whozou #whoyouare #career #politics #others #contribution